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Raw Attraction brings together the world’s best sex, tantra, and relationship experts to give you everything you need to help evolve and grow your love life.

Our mission is to connect the sexes in a way that hasn’t been done before.

Through our podcasts, articles, digital magazine, and our online university we believe we have the created greatest love & sexuality content on the Internet for you to enjoy.

Our expert writers & guests have been featured on the BBC, Playboy TV, Huffington Post, Men’s Health Magazine, and many more.

Sex & Love Mastery Podcast

With 80+ podcasts, and 500,000+ downloads, our life changing interviews have offered insights into love & sexuality like nothing ever before. From the sacred to the kinky, from the spiritual to anal orgasms, and everything inbetween. This 5 minute clip gives you a delicious taste of our expert guests.   We have spoken to world class experts such as Teal Swan, JP Sears, Shashi Solluna, Preston Smiles & Peter Sage.

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University of Love & Sexuality

Would you like to go even deeper? Our online university covers the nine foundational pillars of what it takes to be an amazing lover. 

We have brought in 10 of the world’s best tantra teachers, communication experts, relationship masters, and created this outstanding journey to go on twice a year.

Our teachers include JP Sears, Shashi Solluna, Triambika Ma Vive, Araminta Barbour, Rick Gabrielly, and many more.

We could not have dreamed to bring a better team together!

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