Raw Attraction Magazine Testimonials From The Apple App Store:

★★★★★ by jo-fetta – Mar 29, 2022


 "Amazing. I love reading it and I’m not really a “reader” 👍🏽🙏

★★★★★ by Alpinedream – Jan 7, 2020 

(United States)

"Love to see these topics discussed in a very applicable way!"

★★★★★ by Socagirl47 – Jun 22, 2019 

(United States) 

"You can't read this magazine and love the same old way. This magazine help me to look deeper, want better in my love life and I am grateful to read the articles. Update still loving the contents of each month."

★★★★★ by Mary Alise – Oct 10, 2018 

(United States)

"I love this publication - as does my boyfriend. The topics are varied and very current/trending w both young and old. Very informative but not like reading an encyclopaedia. And I don’t know about you but when it comes to sex and sexual health- an encyclopaedia is the last place I’m looking lol. When more people catch on to this unique treasure - they’ll never let go. Price is VERY affordable considering similar types on the market. In other words - just pay these people. They deserve it. Original Review: This magazine is fabulous. Almost every issue has more than 75% articles relevant to my boyfriend and myself. Super awesome topics. Not raunchy. Not sexist. Just about humans and our need for intimate relationships. Love love love ❤️"