At Raw Attraction, we have found three different types of sex you can explore as a couple to help you have out of body experiences. These types of sex deserve their own place, own time, and own space in your sex life.

That means, you should communicate which type of sex you want either before or during and make the appropriate amount of time for it.

It could be that only one of these appeal to you, perhaps none of them appeal, but one day you may want to explore one or all of them in more depth.

So, here we go:

1. Animal Sex.

You know that deep, rough, nail scratching, lost in the moment *I am an animal* sex – this is what this one is about.

There is no denying that we are all animals but we forget that, we think we are above the animal kingdom but there is nothing much better than getting back to our base level.

You may or may not personally believe there is an inner beast inside of all of us.

I’ve certainly had mine come out during this kind of sex, it’s a wolf animal. It’s only when we really let ourselves go in this type of animal sex that it can happen.

Here are some tips to get into your animal…

⭐     Use fierce eye contact with each other

⭐     Step into your animal noises. Growl, bark if you have to. Get LOUD.

⭐     Scratch, grab, pull at anything you can (that goes for men AND women)

⭐     Lose your mind. Thought has no place in this type of sex.

Let us know your animal sex tips in the comments below.

Time needed for Animal Sex: 20 minutes to 2 hours

2. Tantra/Spiritual Sex.

The tantric path has opened many people to higher states of consciousness, hallucination orgasms, hour long orgasms and blissed out nirvana.

Tantric is not something you do as a one off and then never touch again, it’s a lifelong path.

One way to start with tantric love making is to get in touch with what it feels in your genitals by being completely still during love making.

Enter your partner slowly and remain completely still.

Feel the sensations in your bodies, breathe with each other and keep soft eye contact.

Another way to start playing with energy during your love making is to tap on the base of the spine or even place a hand at the base of the spine of your lover. This helps to release kundalini energy up the spine!

Time needed for Tantric Love Making: 1.5 to 6 hours.


50 Shades of Grey has thrust BDSM into the mainstream social consciousness, unfortunately it paints a rather uneducated picture of what BDSM actually is.

BDSM is a composite acronym that stands for 6 things: bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism.

BDSM replaced ‘SM’ as the kinky acronym of choice for two reasons: one, because it includes more of the kinky stuff people like to do; and two, because it has less stigma attached to it.

For many of us, the darker fantasies of taking power and control, or giving it up, have lurked at the corners of our mind for some time.

When we know that we won’t be abused or become abusive by going there, we can open up those parts of ourselves we normally keep hidden and suppressed.

Here we meet aspects of ourselves we’d otherwise deny: the victim, the bully, the sadist, the wimp, the helpless baby, the cruel parent, the bad boss – and many other abusers of power.

BDSM is something you need to take time to learn and understand, it’s more than just tying your lover to the bed and spanking her ass.

Time needed for a BDSM scene: 30 minutes to 2 hours.

We suggest having a think about what type of sex you want to explore.

With these three types of love making, bedroom adventures can be be extremely dynamic and interesting even after 20 years of making love together.

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