I met with a good friend of mine in the winter of 2012, who mentioned he had been going to orgasmic meditation classes. The following conversation was something akin to this:

Me: You’re doing what?

Him: Orgasmic meditation. It’s where you go up, down, up down on a woman’s clitoris for 15 minutes.

Me: Right. Okay. Wtf.

Intrigued…I asked more. It turns out these ‘classes’ were where a woman (a woman he normally doesn’t know that well) drops her pants and he strokes up, down, up down on her clitoris for 15 minutes.

“Was this legal?” I asked. Apparently, it was.

My first thought was that it sounded crazy, weird and only for freaks. But, my friend, Sean – I’ve known him for sixteen years; he has life together and I trust him. After a few more minutes of thinking, curiosity got the better of me; I simply had to sign up for a workshop.

After researching more about Orgasmic Meditation (OM), I figured it is another step forward to connect with your body, your mind and most importantly, your desire.

Too often in life we are disconnected from all the different sensations we should feel as human beings. OM is specifically built to change that, to help you feel more.

A charismatic and passionate woman called Nicole Daedone is the founder of OneTaste – a company that is changing the world – one orgasm at a time. It’s one of her many goals to have orgasmic meditation mentioned alongside the likes of yoga as something everyone does on a regular basis. Drop the kids at school, go shopping, the gym and then have an OM. What a mesmerizing vision for the world.

She has created a community of well over 1,000 ‘OM-ers’ whom you can OM with simply by asking. OM is done in a ritualistic way, to keep it separate from sex. Clearly, it is a sexual act – you are touching a woman’s pussy, but there is a little more to it than that. You may not even know the woman that well, so to keep it in a safe environment (especially for her) – where everything is the same for you both each time makes perfect sense.

Orgasmic Meditation Etiquette:

  • An appropriate way to ask is, “Would you like to OM?”
  • It’s always acceptable to ask, and it’s always acceptable to decline.
  • Set up the ‘OM Nest’, cushions etc. for your partner.
  • Tell her you are going to touch her before you touch her.
  • Keep to the OM structure (15 minutes long). End the OM on time even if both parties have a desire to keep going.
  • Never OM in exchange for something, or as a prelude to something, or contingent on something. Each person engages in OM for its own experience.

I was guided through the entire OM process with my teacher, Keith and my kind partner, Amy.

One of the biggest problems preventing me from diving into this was one of social conditioning. It was tough for me to ask for an OM. It was not down to lack of confidence.

Nowhere in standard society can you ask to touch a woman’s clitoris without her raising an eyebrow or smacking you in the mouth.

The women in this community don’t know me, “why would they let me touch their pussy?” was one of the many thought processes in my head.

Luckily, Amy was gracious enough to let me touch her with us barely having a conversation beforehand!

During the OM, I was consciously trying to tap into her body – it was tough as Keith was explaining things to me at the same time. It made me realize, so often in sex we are preoccupied with getting to climax and fail to enjoy the sensations, the orgasm along the way. There were beautiful peaks in her orgasm that waved in flows through my body too.

I realized that I had never sat with a woman, focusing solely on her pussy without expecting something in return. There is normally a reciprocal expectation in sex; that isn’t the case here; at no point after an OM is she expected to touch your body in return.

After the OM I wanted more… I wanted to do another. My body was filled with warm, buzzing energy, and I felt connected to everything around me. It was like doing a yoga or meditation session with an addition of sexual energy loaded on top. The world felt refreshed and new again.

A few days after this session I went to what is called an ‘OM Circle’. I think there were about ten women and ten men (of varying ages) there who came to OM as a group. I would be OMing with Amy again, and a woman called Jessica who I’d never met before.

Beforehand I was nervous, this was weird – ten women baring all to guys they barely know but once the practice started it all seemed natural. You become so focused on the clitoris of whomever you are OMing with that everything else seems to blur out. With guidance, I was told to make my strokes smaller and much softer.

In normal sex, you might be preoccupied with getting her off by rubbing her clit faster and faster. With orgasmic meditation you begin to understand there are deeper levels of sensation by going slower and changing to different types of stroke.

Both Jessica and Amy said I was “natural” and couldn’t believe how focused I was. A stroke to my ego perhaps but wasn’t there for ego boosts. Post OM circle I was buzzing with energy like I’d just done cocaine.

What was noticeable within the OM community is that, through the practice, a lot of emotions appear – jealousy, anger, excitement, past issues, deep sexual issues, desire and much, much more. It is up to you to work through any issues that arise but the community is always there to support you.

The night after the OM circle I was woken up at 3am and realizations started coming to me. For the first time in years, I was crying. I knew that I desired deeper connections with the women around me. I thought I had great connections, but I realized there is a whole new, deeper level to go to – to open up and be extremely vulnerable. Orgasmic meditation had completely opened up a blockage I had put up in front of my heart – I was on the verge of becoming free.

If you want to find out what Orgasmic Meditation could do for you then visit OneTaste.us and watch the video below.

What do you think of Orgasmic Meditation? Leave your comments below!

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