If you’re like me, when you watched The Matrix film (I was 16 a the time) I was utterly convinced it was real. I then forgot about it for many years.

Though, having had the experiences I’ve had in the last few months, I’m starting to think that there was a big message in that film!


Stephen:  Shondra, tell us… what is this healing path that we all seem to can never get to the end of? What’s that all about?

Shondra:  Well, you don’t give me very small questions, do you, Steve? [laughs]

Stephen:  No, I don’t! Haha.

Shondra:   Actually, the answer may be simpler than you thought. When we came into these dimensions, we came from realms of spirit, realms of light, where we were divine, perfect beings, and the truth is we never stopped being those divine, perfect beings.

We just came into these realms where we picked up a ton of programming in the womb, from birth to age two, from age two to age seven. We’re just soaking up programming from everything around us.

When it comes to growing up, and living our adult lives, and feeling all this pain and suffering, and feeling wounded and upset, and so forth, what our conscious minds don’t realize is that most of this pain that we’re feeling is all just programming.

Stephen:  It sounds like we’re in the matrix, or perhaps some people might think, “OK, if it’s not the matrix, then it’s the illuminati, or there’s some people at the top of this thing who is giving us the programming that we’re put in this education system that doesn’t really work for us, and then we’re told to work 9 to 5, and just concentrate on that, and be materialistic.

This is already shutting down our access to higher dimensions, and our divinity, and our chakra systems, and our sacred sexuality, and all of these things, but what is this programming you’re talking about?

Shondra:  Well, it really comes from a number of different levels and sources, but the important thing to understand is our divine beings never stopped being divine, so our experience here, that seems to be so wounded and so painful, can actually be shifted the same way you can reprogram a computer.

There are actually many ways that you can do it, and from the perspective of the wounded experience, whether it’s a masculine wound, or a feminine wound, or this kind of wound, or that kind of suffering, it’s all like clothing that you can take off and lay aside, and remember who you are as a divine, perfect, pristine being once you’ve taken off the wounded clothing.

Stephen:  Mm‑hmm, and I can attest to that. Having been through the process myself, and taken off my wounded clothes through working with Shondra extremely closely in the last months, that it’s true that we don’t have to wear these wounds anymore, or that they were never part of us, and we can lay them aside. Maybe you want to tell the listeners about the process of un‑programming…

How does someone start with that, and maybe how we’re going to be teaching people that in the university? Can you enlighten people to that a little bit?

Shondra:  Well, there are many ways, and this is what the whole purpose of the university, to teach people tools that they’ll be able to do these things with themselves. I don’t think we’re going to do that in a 10‑minute podcast!

What we can share with you in this moment, and how you can begin, is I’m just going to look at one thing, and that is attachments.

Where we have formed an attachment, whether it’s an emotional attachment, a mental attachment, a soul attachment, that makes us attach to something outside of ourselves, wherever those attachments are, we can begin to get conscious of them and start letting go of those attachments that don’t really belong to us.

It’s the places where we’ve attached things that aren’t part of us that, when it goes away, we feel the pain. So, start looking in your life at what you’ve attached to that is not you? People, places, things, emotions, food, substances, what have you attached to for a sense of your identity that isn’t actually you.

Stephen:  So you’re saying that there is hope that we don’t have to go through so much in terms of healing that it can be done in a relatively short space of time, and all these healing books and courses, and many things out there that don’t really take us to where we want to be, we can be given a path to freedom. You’re saying there is that path available to us?

Shondra:  Absolutely. I don’t want to knock any of the different resources out there, because every one of those resources provides people with a set of experiences, and that might be what their unique soul is looking for.

The hope that I think you’re talking about comes with the realization that there comes a point when you can wake up out of the matrix and realize that you’ve had enough, and you can set it aside.

You can say, inside of yourself, “OK, I’ve had enough of those experiences now. I’m ready to wake up and remember the totality of my being. Remember that I am the one.” That’s what Neo had to remember, he had to get it. “I am the one.” We can all have that experience within ourselves.

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