An artist has decided to hit back to Internet dating creeps who are lurking out there who seem to only see women as sex objects.

Anna Gensler figured she had enough of being sent ridiculously offensive messages that she would send a nice little picture back of the men who sent the messages – and also post it on her Instagram.

Here are some of the offenders:


tinder 7




tinder 2


No thank you…
tinder 1As you can see the penises are quite small…

“It was sort of the most basic, juvenile, immature thing I could possibly do, which was completely perfect,” she said.

tinder 6


“These guys are immature and their lines are incredibly juvenile, yet they are still offensive to the women they are aimed toward. The same can be said for these doodles.”

She then started posting their reactions to the pictures on her Instagram…

tinder 3



***Massive Face Palm Moment***
tinder 4

Seemingly, Brian still didn’t care.

Of course, there are still good guys out there but unfortunately the creepers still exist!


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