If we want to learn tantra or sacred sexuality we have two options. The first option is to go to an in person workshop (which are great but expensive) or we can find the best online sex courses. We find that a combination of both works best because you never learn everything you need to learn in a physical workshop.

To be the best lover ever we highly recommend all of the courses on this page.

We Have Found The Best Online Sex Courses

We have listed the best free courses and the best paid courses.

Why pay for a course?

The answer is simple.

You get a world class expert to enter your bedroom without having to travel around the world to see them. This saves you a lot of money and you can keep on going back to them.

Many of these courses (including our own free course) has expert customer services where you can ask for help if you need to ask something related to your sex or relationship life.

There are some fabulous courses online and with our extensive knowledge we have gained over the past 6 years we are excited to bring you the top list of of all the teachers in the world of sexuality, tantra, and conscious relationships.

We only recommend courses and teachers that we have tried ourselves.

Our Free Online Sex & Relationship Wisdom Course:

university of love

The University of Love & Sexuality – Free Course

This introductory free course is developed in association with Raw Attraction Magazine. You get 4 free Raw Attraction Magazines when you sign up!

ULS has brought together 10 of the world’s teachers to give you the foundations to create an amazing love and sex life. We do have a paid course as well.


Free Product Giveaways

 The Erotic Blueprint Quiz – Find your erotic blueprint and see how it can change your life (for both sexes)

Free Oral Sex Video Guide – Find new ways to please your lover (for men)

Free female ejaculation guide – Discover the world of female ejaculation (for men)


Other Amazing Courses We Recommend


self cervix

Self Cervix – Expand Your Orgasmic Potential!

This course is ideal for women who want to discover the power of the cervical orgasm and other types of vaginal orgasm. This is incredibly healing for women!

Click here to sign up (only open at specific times of the year!)



ubran kamasutra online tantra class

Urban Kama Sutra with Psalm Isadora

Whether you’re a woman or a man, single or in a committed relationship, Urban Kama Sutra™ is going to teach you the ancient techniques that have helped thousands of people to achieve the greatest levels of pleasure, satisfaction & intimacy.

Click here to buy



tantra massage online course

Multi Orgasmic Tantra Massage With Psalm Isadora

Tantric massage is a truly beautiful things for couples to add to their love making. It is an honor to give this gift to another person.

Click here to buy



jade egg online classJade Egg Secrets with Psalm Isadora

Welcome to Jade Egg – a 14-Day Journey with Sex-Expert and Relationship Guru Psalm Isadora where she reveals the 7 ancient secrets of Tantra and teaches you step-by-step how to use them to bring passion, unlimited love and multiple orgasms into your life.

Click here to buy



tantra for beginners online class

Tantra For Beginners with Psalm Isadora

Psalm Isadora is one of the leading experts in the world about tantra. This really is one of the best courses out there about tantra – only $97 with a money back guarantee.

Click here to buy


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