In this section of the site we showcase over 50 of the best sexual positions to try at home, in the kitchen, in someone else’s home, in the garden, on the beach, in a plane, or any other place it is legal to have sex.

Not only are we showing these best sexual positions here on this site but you can also download our new Kamasutra Bliss app.

Our app showcases all these positions so that you can access them at any time.

Not only does the app have the best sexual positions but it also has videos from our University of Love & Sexuality, all of our world class podcasts, exclusive articles, and even a calendar of all the workshops we recommend attending across the glove.

You can bookmark your favorite positions within the app and come back to them later.

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Just like the app, in these best sexual positions we have split them up into some cool sections…

>> Intimate Positions (ideal for reaching higher states of bliss)

>> Fun Positions (great for smiles and play)

>> Animalistic Positions (awesome for bringing out your inner tiger)

>> Crazy Positions (perfect for athletes or people who want to end up in hospital)

>> Oral Positions (because who doesn’t like oral?)

Especially with the intimate positions, you are able to reach higher and higher states of bliss and orgasm.

You can increase this level with these three things:

1. The Power of Breath. 

Most of us in this world naturally breathe with a shallow breath. A shallow breath will cause men to ejaculate very quickly and it causes women to armor their body, preventing them from orgasm.

Making love gives us a great opportunity to connect more deeply with the breath.

Deep breaths in through the nose will pull the sexual energy around the body and prevent a man from ejaculating. For women, it will expand her sexual experience.

Focus on the breath during love making.

Play with it. Try sharp, short deep breaths and try long deep breaths.

2. The Power of Sound. 

Most women don’t have too much of a problem with expressing themselves with sound during love making.

Men should try to express themselves more with sound.

A man can make animal like sounds, grunts, and deep roars.

A woman can scream.

All of this is a movement and an expression of sexual energy.

When we get lost in the breath and sound… we start to go to another dimension.

3. The Movement of Energy

You may or may not be aware of the chakra system.

Essentially, the chakras are mini energy centers. It has been scientifically proven that they exist.

They are clusters of neurons and also have a gland associated to each one.

All of these glands can ejaculate.

For example, your thyroid gland can ejaculate in your neck with the right vibration (we have seen it happen to men and women).

The next level after breath and sound is to start to remember that you are an energy body. You are a vibrational being. You are a multi dimensional being having a 3D experience.

That means you can tap into these fields during love making.

Did you know you can give or receive an orgasm without physical touch?

Did you know you can exchange heart energy without physical touch?

Did you know you can tap on the base of each other’s spine during love making to move life force energy up to the pineal gland (in the brain)?

So much more can be added to the sexual experience with the power of intention, breath, sound, and movement.

Enjoy the positions!

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