This article about disabilities and sexuality was taken from our podcast interview with Raffaello Manacorda.

Part of my work is done through an association here in Spain that provides sacred sexuality work to men and women with disabilities or functional diversities.

We often work with the generative illnesses such as progressive disorders of the muscular system. Sometimes they are in a wheelchair, usually they are very limiting conditions.

The incredible thing is that regular medicine has a lot to offer to these conditions but it never takes into account the sexual part.

Because of how our society is structured, if you have a condition that forced you to be in a wheelchair since you were a teenager then your sexual life is most likely going to be severely affective.

Finding lovers is going to be much more difficult.

There are lots of social and emotional implications with that.

There is an enormous need for providing emotional/sexual/intimate support and companionship to people that have functional diversities.

I am very passionate about it because the results are outstanding. Just yesterday I was reading a feedback testimonial from a woman that I work with and she is affected by muscular dystrophy.

Her life has been so severely limited by this in the sexual and emotional realm that she feels that she hasn’t had a sexual life to really speak of.

She had some encounters here and there but in a very limited way both in terms of frequency and depth. I have been working with her for about six months. The amount of transformation that this can bring to her life is amazing.

She was narrating the changes to me, that she felt more attractive, more empowered, it really brought tears to my eyes.

It’s really something that touches the core of people. We are lucky enough here in Barcelona to have lately been featured on a documentary that has gone on a TV, so society is really starting to respond to it.

I encourage every man and woman who is doing sacred sexuality work to consider dedicating part of your time to working with a section of your town with people with functional diversities. I

It is really gold for you as a practitioner and them as a client.

I am really super passionate about it.

Thank you (Raw Attraction) for giving me the opportunity to send the call out there.

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