Shia Le Boeuf and Maddie Ziegler encapsulated it so well in their video Elastic Heart. A video that has over 690,000,000 views. Though Shia’s buff good looks might have something to do with it. There is something else going on here, let’s look at the elastic heart meaning.

The Elastic Heart Meaning

The wounded dance between masculine and feminine has been going on for multiple millennia.

We come together, we drift apart, we miss each other, we kiss each other, we break each other’s hearts, we destroy each other, we abuse each other, we kill each other.

The Elastic Heart music video sends tears each one of my cheeks every time I watch it. Why? Because it is not Shia and Maddie that I am watching… I am watching this dance play out in me.

I know I am that cage and this is the wounded dance going on inside of my being.

I am the one running away from myself.

I am the one who is the manipulator and the manipulated.

I am the one who wants Love but runs away from it.

I know that I am the one addicted to the wounded dance.

You can’t escape a prison if you don’t know you’re in one…

In this masterpiece of visual music theatre by Sia, she has given expression to the wounded dance that we are all doing inside ourselves.

This is then the dance that plays out in the in the reflection in front of our eyes.

Love is specifically designed to show you everything that Love is not.

It will throw up every wound to be brought to the surface and healed.

It is only through conscious relating that we can move from pain and agony to bliss and ecstasy.

The first step is introspection and self-examination. Take a look what is really going on inside yourself when something in your outside environment is triggering you. Remember, everything that is not love will show up on the outside of you – so, on that note, you must look at everything inside of you and transmute it to love.

When you do that, ONLY Love can show up on the outside of you.

We often judge each other and ourselves for having wounds (I know I have in the past) but it is now time for humanity to step up and see past the wounds and to view each other with compassionate eyes. To bless each other’s wounds and lend each other a hand to pull each other up to the highest level of our divinity.

The seeds of divinity within all of us and they can be unlocked by looking deeply at what is going on with the masculine and feminine inside.

When we do this we start to open ourselves up to the full potential of what it means to be human.

This wounded dance need not be done anymore! Healing our wounds takes courage; it also takes the ability to reach out to each other for help. We don’t have to do it all ourselves.

That is not what we came here to do.

We came here to lift each other up, not be each other’s rival.

The Universe wants you to Choose Love. Choose Divinity, and soon the wounds of the past will wash away!

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