What is a full body orgasm? You might be wondering. This type of energy work enables men and women to connect to their body’s sexual energy system and to let go of resistance to experience more bliss in their life.

This is about my experience at a fully body orgasm workshop lead by Andrew Barnes. Andrew explains:

“If you look at the physical world, and if you look at our bodies, you will notice that we have been taught that everything around us is a solid experience. But if you were to get a big enough magnifying glass and look into the table or the chair that you’re sitting on, you quickly start to realize that there’s more space than there is matter.

If you were to get an even bigger magnifying glass and look at the matter that makes up that chair or table or your leg, then you’d start to quickly realize that the matter is actually a sound wave more than particle. It quantifies, we’ve scientifically proven this time and time again. What that tells me is that even though we’ve been taught that the physical world is seemingly our reality, it’s actually the energetic world that is our reality, and the physical world is our illusion.”

“We have been taught that with regards to our sexuality, orgasm happens in our genitals and it happens from a friction focused perspective. But when you start to understand that underneath the physical reality is the energetic reality, then you can start to play with what I call the sexual energy in the body. You can start to move it around rather than condensing it into your genital area. The sexual energy moves throughout your whole body and therefore every cell in your body has the potential to be orgasmic.”

“Everything at a fundamental level is just energy, it’s just vibration. It’s our interpretations based on our belief systems and cultural conditioning that determine our experience of energy.”

“Often we are having a friction focused orgasm, meaning that there is a lot of physical stimulation of the genital area, and it’s usually based in a tension type of experience in the body.

There is a lot of friction, and more and more tension builds in the body leading to a type of orgasm that has a big drop afterwards.

So with tension, tension, tension and friction, friction, friction we orgasm, or if you’re a man you orgasm and ejaculate, and then you quickly drop back down.

Then there’s a recovery period that’s required before you can have that experience again. On the other hand, if we generate energy in our genital area, then start circulating it through our whole body, we start to experience the orgasm as waves of orgasm.

It becomes an extended experience that can go for long periods of time. This orgasmic energy moving through the body starts to become a physical reality to the body as well, not just an energetic experience. The body takes on this orgasmic pleasure.

The friction focus orgasm often happens quite quickly and may last 10, 20 or 30 seconds. The energetic orgasm can go for extended periods of time, one or two hours, if a person wants to hold that level of presence for that period of time.”

The workshop starts with connection and dancing…

To get us out of our heads and into our bodies, we played some games at the beginning of the day. For example, one game was to partner up with someone completely new, close your eyes and be led around the room by them.

This encouraged trust within the group. Another group game was simply to keep eye contact with different people as you walked around the room.

One of the simplest ways to get more into your body is to dance. Movement, sound and breath are keys to being in a state of orgasm.

Andrew joked, “Are women acting like Clint Eastwood when they are in an orgasmic state? No, they are moving about all over the place in orgasmic bliss.”

Men were encouraged to make sounds, jump around and breathe from their bellies whilst dancing. To watch people completely lose themselves in the tribal-like dancing was incredibly empowering. This would be a preamble for what was to come later.

Next: Watching the demonstration

I knew Andrew worked with “off the body” movements to move ‘energy’ during a session, but now was the time to see him do it live in front of me. These “off the body” movements always intrigued me, what was he doing?

The theory is that our energy comes off our body and therefore (if we use our intuition) we can feel someone play with our energy body. One must also mention that it’s important for the receiver to really breathe into their body, and if they are thinking too much, they must breathe faster in order to go into their body more.

The demonstration was beautiful to watch. The receiver was in complete bliss during and after. Andrew talked about how important it was to activate the primary energy centers and then the secondary energy centers.

These are different for both men and women. Andrew will be covering them in a new book that he has coming out later in 2014. Andrew also using his thumb in the roof of her mouth, he said it’s possible to have an orgasm just by rubbing on this place when someone is in a high state!

I asked Andrew, “What are you thinking and feeling with “the off the body” work?” He replied, “It’s intuitive, you just need to have blind faith and believe it will work just as well as the “on the body” work. It’ll take some time to have that belief, as you have been engrained throughout your life that it won’t work, but you’ll get there.”

Giving and Receiving My Full Body Orgasm Session

In the first session I was with someone whose body I was familiar with. This woman could tap into her energetic body very easily. I was curious to see if I could get any reaction by playing with the energy around her body.

I intentionally didn’t touch her body for the first 15 or 20 minutes.

Amazingly, she started to react within thirty seconds or so. I started at her heart so that she knew that I was connected to her, then I moved to her stomach and also to her neck, and her body was reacting a lot.

Here is what she said about the workshop, “When I saw the video demonstration of Andrew’s work, I was not sure if it was a trick or if it was real, so I decided to discover if it was real or not. I was curious.

The workshop was one of the most important things I learned:

Our body doesn’t finish with our physical body, and that when we admit that this is true, then we can start to feel it – to feel the energetic body.

This concept of energetic orgasm has enriched the experience of my sexuality and has the possibility to do it for anyone. It was important for me to taste it so that I could go home and practice it on my own.”

We then switched roles. It was my turn to receive. It was a magical experience to receive from someone I love, and go so deep into feelings in my body that I didn’t know were possible. But, fifteen minutes after receiving, I felt incredibly vulnerable. Utterly bereft. My body had gone from me.

Next day we switched partners, and instead of staying with the woman I love, I left it up to fate to bring me a new partner. The new woman is a sweetheart with a gorgeous body. Giving to her is great, even though her body is unfamiliar to me.

At one point, Andrew comes over to add to the experience.

In this second giving and receiving, we were allowed genital touch, in the first one this was not allowed.

The only type of touch that was permitted was to hold the penis or to place a finger on the clitoris, no movement was permitted.

When Andrew came over, he put his thumb in her mouth and touched the roof of it whilst simultaneously holding another thumb on her clit.

I have never seen someone go so crazy in my life. It was a next-level orgasm… what a workshop!

For more information on Andrew Barnes’s work, please visit: https://www.awakeningwithin.com.au/

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