We felt the call to do a podcast about the horrific terrorist attack in Manchester, UK on May 22nd 2017. Yes, we normally podcast about sexuality or give relationship advice but if you look closely, the theme that runs through all of our podcasts is that of love and healing.

When such a horrific incident occurs we all (as a culture) go into some form of shock. We can’t understand why a human would do this to another group of humans. We also then start to think about politics and why are we fighting wars. We then don’t know how to communicate this with our friends and peers. It can be a frightening and traumatic loop.

The media will often push more fear into the public domain and so it continues.

On the podcast we wanted to have a different kind of conversation. You will find this conversation is a RAW and humble look at what we can do individually to help ourselves heal from this trauma.

As well as the shocking hate crime that happened after the attack (one in Portland, USA) and the UK police report of hate crime doubling after the attack, there also has been an outpouring of love.

Manchester has seen people on the streets giving free hugs to show they are not afraid, children have been selling cakes to raise money for the victims, money has been raised for the homeless people who acted as emergency paramedics before the real ones arrived. All this shows that love is resilient and the human spirit is stronger than any kind of darkness.

We hope you gain something from listening to this podcast with Buster Radvik. Buster is a somatic psychotherapist, a licensed mental health counsellor, and has 10 years work experience in trauma and addiction recovery.  We are very thankful that he said “yes” to coming on the show. He is also the co-founder of Embodied Intimacy.

In summary:

❤️  This is a time to feel your body more and step out of your mind. Find the time to really breathe into your body.

❤️  Be aware that it is likely that you are feeling some trauma from all the news.

❤️  If you are directly affected by this attack or have some dire trauma in your life please go and find a local group and find others in a similar situation to move through this process with.

❤️  Be kind to yourself

❤️  Remember the outpouring of love by society is far stronger than any fear

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We hope this podcast and our other podcast serve your life in some small way.

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