The doubt is probably seeping through your mind as you read the title of this article, “How much acid did he take before bringing himself to climax?” Fair question, every one of my friends has asked me the same thing!

First of all, I wasn’t having sex. I was on a body de-armoring retreat run by the awesome Mr. Andrew Barnes. One moment for a shout out to this man who has worked his back side off for over well over a decade to give profound opportunities to the people to experience new levels of what it means to live in a human body.

What is body de-armoring?

If you are a duck, dog, deer, horse, antelope, or zebra and you feel fear or have an argument you’ll have an inbuilt mechanism to release the trauma. You will see a duck flap its wings after having a squabble with another duck. In this energetic release, the duck can come back to its into presence. Those bickering ducks have it easy.

Humans aren’t built with inbuilt squabble release mechanisms. When we have an argument, or feel grief or feel one of those feelings that makes our body feel tense it just stays there – unless you are one of these people who actively shakes every morning, you are walking around with huge amounts of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) in your body. I’m sure you can only imagine how bad it is for those who have been through abuse or fought in a way. Needless to say, we all have PTSD in our bodies, no matter what kind of life you’ve had.

Andrew puts it eloquently when he says, “Our natural state of being is one of bliss, joy, love, power and expansion. But our personal histories, life and experience get in the way. Each of us resists this natural state of bliss at some level by protecting ourselves from harm. These defensives take the form of mental, physical and sexual armoring.”

Andrew has developed a body de-armoring process which releases these blocks quickly and effectively to help you fully open to bliss. This process includes waking the body into an orgasmic state followed by pressing on certain points of the body (including the sternum, under the ribs, and hips). After this, there then comes the possibility to go into genital massage. For men, this includes stretching of the penis and robust work in the groin area.

What the hell happened to me?

This is now day four of the retreat and we have already done some intense work and I am feeling very open. My body is also super sensitive, so much so that I can feel energy moving through me when there is off the body work (it looks a bit like sexy reiki to the observer).

The woman I am partnered with starts by helping me settle into my body with light touch before moving into the pressure points on my body. The previous day I had released a lot of emotions with pressure on my sternum, so many tears.

Today, it was my left hip that put me into this crying frenzy once again – I cried more tears than I’ve cried in the past twenty years combined. The tears were coming from a deep place inside of me. She presses firmly into my hip with her thumbs until I cry no more. She then proceeds to the genital stretching and so forth; I was in an exceptionally relaxed state.

It wasn’t until after all this was over and she sat next to the side of me and put one hand on my heart and one hand on my genitals that I suddenly started tripping out into a blissed nirvana state. After about two minutes (with my eyes closed) I could see her as this purple/blue energy being and energy circulating between both of our bodies. I could still consciously think at this point. Most of my thoughts were along the lines of, “Wow, this is beautiful. What is happening?”

After subsequent research, I realized it was a DMT (dimethyltryptinone) trip in my own brain. Every living thing has DMT in it, it is one of the active ingredients that help us dream and is said to be release in a large quantity when we die. It also helps us reach spiritual planes and experience oneness.

In my case I had reached such a state of deep relaxation (from the bodywork) that my own brain decided to give me a little DMT treat. At the time I didn’t know what it was but subsequent conversations and research has lead me to this conclusion.

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