The elusive orgasm. All guys want to know how to make her come, how to make her orgasm, but this itself can be a trap. She must also take responsibility for her own pleasure.

If a woman thinks that her lover is her orgasm machine and that ‘he is giving me the orgasm – I am not responsible’ – then, not many orgasms will be had.

She has a big responsibility to know what feels good in her body, to breathe and move pleasure around her body.

You (the man) also have some responsibility to allow her to have an orgasm. You have to create SAFE SPACE for her. She needs to feel safe and loved. If you don’t do this then she will be having as many orgasms as Mother Theresa on her birthday – fuck all.

There are many ways how to make her come. Many!

how to make her cum

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Orally >>> See, the how to eat pussy article

Female Ejaculation >>> see how to make her squirt

BDSM/Kink >>>  Yes, you can spank her to orgasm. Start gently on her ass and gently build up.

Without touching her >>> Yes. It is possible! These are called energy orgasms.

Via penetration >>> Not all women can do this. You have to really love her and make her feel space for this to happen.

Anally >>> Yes. Anal orgasms are awesome.

how to make her orgasm

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The list goes on. I have been in a sexuality workshop where I have seen a woman fully orgasm in front of my just by dancing. I have seen a woman orgasm from stimulation to the tendon beneath her knee. I truly believe you can make her come from anything with enough of one thing…


You’ll also need one other thing… patience.

Women can’t go from 0 to 60 mph as quick as a man. It takes a while for a woman’s body to warm up. Hold her. Kiss her. Use your intuition on where to go on her body next. Stop focusing on orgasm.

There is a misconception that an orgasm is a be all and end all of being in bed with someone. You must come and she must come or else you didn’t have sex. This is simply NOT TRUE.

Take your time, ask what she likes… every single time is going to be different. There is no set plan for an orgasm. Never.

Sometimes she might want to be spanked. Sometimes she might not want oral. Sometimes she might want to be fucked. Sometimes not.

There is no orgasm prescription!

The only prescription is presence and patience.

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