Teasing. It’s an art. Teasing makes dating, sex and relationship more invigorating, playful and electrifying. Without it, a relationship can die a sorry and lacklustre death. Learning how to to tease is therefore an awesome skill to learn.

When teasing is fun, it can bring people together, but take it too far; delve too deep, and you risk annoying your partner.

Skilled and intimate teasing creates raw attraction; it brings out concealed emotions in a person.

Well delivered teasing can bring out our primal and natural instincts to let go and simply feel the moment, and in that moment none of our self-taught inhibitions matter.

It’s super fun, playful and exciting when you know how to tease!

Use these how to tease tools to up your teasing game.

1. Tease With The Power of Your Voice

Both sexes subconsciously find the opposite sex’s voice attractive, and when used in the right way it can be the perfect teasing tool. Say something suggestive in a deep and alluring tone of voice to get the seductive juices flowing.

Hold good posture when you speak. Your voice is going to come across weak if you are slouched. By sitting up straight or standing straight, your voice is going to come across with much more power.

Slowing down your speech is really important. Someone who speaks fast is rarely attractive, if ever. It’s as if they are in a business meeting and have five minutes left to get everything out they want to say, but it never stops! (This is quite a good tease if someone speaks too fast!)

A full voice is best. Open your mouth when you speak and pronounce your words with force.

Say. Everything. Slowly.

2. Be Suggestive.

Suggestion is Sexy: Teasing is all about being subtle, so rather than cutting to the chase and ruining the moment, get creative, use suggestion to build up to climax, so to speak.

Double entendre always works. Tease your date or lover – for example, put a banana or chocolate bar suggestively in your mouth, sucking on it, they should realize that you are simulating oral sex… 😉

how to tease with a banana

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3. Tease with your kiss

The thrill of receiving a physical tease comes from the lack of control. You can take this away from them or give it back to them in all different variations and amounts.

An exciting way to take away more of their control and heighten both your experiences is to prevent them from touching you and you from touching them.

A simple way to play with controlled teasing is with your kiss.

Back off mid kiss and make them chase your lips.

Back off in a playful, teasing way, not in an, ‘I don’t like this kiss’ kind of way.

how to tease with a kiss

4. Grab your partner in public

There is nothing like your partner suggesting sex in public. We love it. You can grab their ass and tell them how much you want to fuck them and bring them to the edge of doing it, but tell them. “No, you must wait.”

how to tease

5. Send Sexy Selfie Pictures

Guys… be imaginative with dick pics. Send the shadow of your dick, don’t send the full cock shot; it’s disgusting. Women… you can send what you like but everyone must bear in mind that these pics will probably get seen by other people. Tease by showing some skin, a new outfit, or just a smile.

how to tease sexy selfie

© Ivana Vasilj – Flickr

6.  Tease With Eye Contact

Teasing use eye contact is the tried and true method of how to tease someone. Hold your eye contact longer than you normally would with a soft gaze and you will melt your partner.

They won’t be able to not thinking about fucking you. It’s like trying not to think of a pink elephant, oh you just thought of a pink elephant! Eyes, baby, eyes!

how to tease with eye contact

© kedai lelaki – flickr

7. Tease With Your Dance Skills

Guys… you will likely need to take a lot of dance classes to be able to tease with your dancing. The best dances to learn would be bachata or salsa. This is bachata…..

Sexy as heck, right? You should be able to find some bachata lessons local to you.

Women… you just need some rhythm to be able to tease him. Make him sit down or stand and dance around him. Push your ass into his crotch and tell him that he can’t touch you. Watch him whimper.

8. Go Lingerie Shopping Together

Unfortunately men can’t dress in lingerie but women sure can. Spending a couple of hours shopping for lingerie together can really tease the fuck out of a man. Try all sorts of sexy poses as you try the lingerie on. Hell, drag him into the changing room with you and give him a deep passionate kiss and then push him out again. That will put the teasing levels high as a kite. If you are too lazy to go to the shops you could try online shopping together at asos.com

how to tease with lingerie

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9. How To Tease When You Have Sex

There are many ways to tease when you have sex. Guys, you can hold your cock outside her yoni and just wait. Or just edge in the tip and no more. Women… you can do the same… you just need to be on top and back away if he tries to enter you. Be careful though, you might bring out his inner animal (but maybe you want to see that).

You can use your kiss to tease in sex (as above), you can use your eyes, you can use your fingers to tease by running them over your partner’s body, on their lips, around their hair.

how to tease in sex

© Kaspars Grinvalds adobestock

10. How To Tease With Text Messages

Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat and others all offer us the ability to tease at any moment during the day. Besides sending pictures. Here are some messages you could send your lover…

“I can’t stop thinking about one thing…”

“I love it when you…”‘

“I am wearing ******* but I think it would look better on your floor”

“I am naked right now and covered in oil”

“I want you”

“I love the way you fuck me/make lover to me… I am thinking about it whilst I touch myself.”

Have fun and always remember to keep teasing playful, never nasty!

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