An exhibition not for the feint of heart or pure of sexuality hit Prague in August. This kink event in Prague pushes you to change the way you think about your own sexuality.

The VOAYER exhibition in Prague included naked women who were presented in submissive positions. Some of which, the visitors were able to touch.

According to the organizer Mário Petreje, this experience is meant to bring people closer to the community of less common sexual practices, while showcasing the beauty of the human body and sexual experience. We can only praise this work!

“Nudity is nowadays more common in the online world than in reality. Just like sex, we experience the nudity of other beings in the full present moment. Therefore the only and also important goal of the VOAYER expositions, is to convey an exciting experience of the present moment.” Says Petreje.

kink event in prague

It must also be noticed that the models work on this project because they have volunteered. It is their choice.

Each model had their own bodyguard and if someone wants to touch they will have to use rubber gloves.

We aren’t told if you need to have an understanding of dominance and submission before the event. We obviously expect people visiting to respect the women who are playing the submissive role to carefully love and respect them. We at least hope that happens and it isn’t for just sexual gratification.

If you decide to visit next year, treat the models with love and respect or you will be kicked out by the body guards! Blessings to the women who are putting their bodies on the line like this. It is very courageous.

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