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Relationship Advice For Men

This relationship advice for men article comes from our podcast with Bryan Reeves. This article gives great relationship advice for men! Steve: How do we create a container for our women to blossom and allow ourselves to blossom? How do we structure that?  Bryan: Man,...

Do You Lie To Your Lover?

Should we always tell the truth to a lover? Is it wrong for them to lie to us? For a long time I’ve sat on the fence when it comes to the ‘honesty is the best policy’ argument. Neither because I think it’s okay to lie nor because I think we should always be completely...

What Women Want In Relationship

This is an engaging talk from Bernie Prior about what woman really wants. He distinguishes the female from woman. Female is the effervescent light of her, her true (divine) femininity and the woman in her is the stories that make up her life. In this video, he...

How To Get More Presence NOW

London Faerie is a purveyor of authentic desire working in London, Berlin and Prague. His practice is an intoxicating blend of BDSM, Tantra, shamanic healing and psychodrama that gives you permission to be who you truly are in every area of your life. Being here fully...

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