In this podcast we take a question from a listener. An anonymous listener from Chile wants to know what to do because he wants to try tantra but his girlfriend does not.

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Tantra is often a spiritual path for an individual and it is a path that includes sexuality (rather than excludes it like most religions or spiritual paths).

Therefore… it can be a huge jump for someone who has grown up in a religion that has cast so much shame onto sexuality. There is almost a disbelief in terms of what people think is possible with our sexuality, especially when they hear what tantric people are up to – brain orgasms for example.

It is best if you choose to go down a tantric path on your own, rather than with your partner. Don’t try to drag your partner; they will only begin to resent you for pushing and pulling them.

You can start with tantra by reading books such as Mantak Chia’s – The Multi Orgasmic Man or listening to our podcasts. We thoroughly recommend listening to…

Podcast #29 with Shashi Solluna

This podcast is an introduction to tantra.

Then it is all about starting on your own. Start with a self pleasure ritual. Take more time over your body, rather than knocking one off to porn, spend an hour seducing yourself. Breathe, and make sound as you pleasure yourself.

If you are feeling daring, you could go to a tantric massage or a prostate massage in your city (get recommendations first and perhaps tell your partner). Explore what is possible on your own and then bring that into play with your partner in the bedroom.


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