The female orgasm goes so far beyond a few brief seconds of bliss – the brain can exist in orgasmic states of ecstasy for prolonged periods of time. And even in our sexually liberated era, the quick explosion that most of us are experiencing sexually is only a tiny piece of what is possible for the female body.

Why is this necessary rather than a luxurious domain for the few lucky people with enough time and curiosity? Because the human brain needs trance states of release and ecstasy. All traditional cultures had access points to this other-worldly domain – we danced madly to drum beats all night long, entered shamanic rituals, went into spiritual frenzies, partook in orgiastic religious celebrations and let loose. Old-school humans understood the necessary value of entering prolonged states of pleasure beyond our every day reality.

What happens when we lose this and become only cool, collected and super-realistic? Depression. Emptiness. A reliance on drugs and alcohol to provide release. Our brain likes to party – seriously – and we can either let it party in healthy ways, or it’s going to find some other outlet. A brain that can’t party gets sad and lonely.

Sexuality is one domain that still exists in our modern culture that can bring us to these ecstatic states naturally. Orgasm comes naturally to women. However – it’s like anything – having all the natural talent in the world is still going to to leave you short if you don’t master your talent and learn how to make it work for you. Sexual mastery is like this – becoming schooled and super-talented with your body and your sexual abilities.

What can that mean? Taking your orgasms from a few seconds to a few hours. Taking your orgasms from being genitally based to full-body, or even cool localized places like a breast orgasm, or a belly orgasm. Taking your orgasms from pleasurable to mind- blowing, creativity fueling, heart-exploding, spiritual experiences of maddening bliss.

That hole in the modern female life: I work hard, I try hard, I give so much, I diet and yet, I am still tired and empty. It gets filled with this form of sexual bliss. It fills you up from the inside out and doesn’t let you go. It’s the anti-dote to being needy, depressed and longing.

Why is it necessary for men? Because being with a fully-orgasmic woman is not only exciting, it’s nurturing on the deepest levels. Men, whether they know it or not, long for the primal, raw, female vulnerability and expression of the wildest passion. Being with a sexually minimized woman is like living without art, music or entertainment. There’s lot’s to do, but it’s boring as hell eventually.

What does it take to get to these fully orgasmic states? It means making space in your life to really focus on your sexuality. It means opening up, really communicating and giving yourself fully in sex. It means learning how breath, awareness and sound affect your sexual expression. It means to allow sexuality to be about a lot more than pleasure and orgasm and allowing it to be a space for all emotions and expressions. It means opening up to the possibility that sexual mastery could be the answer to a lot of issues in your life in ways that you may not expect.

One of the biggest lies we have been sold as a culture is that sex is only a game of power and status. Sex is your portal to being embodied, switched on, soulful and immune to the hypnotic message that the world is what it appears to be. Stepping out of that and into yourself changes everything.

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