When guys are in their teenage years, they start to associate ‘being cool’ with getting laid. Haven’t lost your v-plates at school yet? Uh oh… you’re not in the cool gang.

Getting laid was the coolest thing one could do and it seemed as if it was the only way to transform from worthless to worthy.

As guys grow older the relationship to sex changes (hopefully – if the guy is maturing properly).

Teenage girls likely grow up with shame around sex. Whether it be from other teenage boys, friends, parents or religion. By all means, this could happen if you are in a male body too.

Cultures, religions, businesses, people… we all have an ongoing relationship to sex. So…

What is your relationship to sex?

Have you ever thought about what your relationship to sex is? Ask yourself these questions:

☑️     Does sex set you free?

☑️     Is there love and connection in your sex life or are you afraid of that?

☑️     Do you feel you need sex or is that you want sex?

☑️     Does your culture or religion define your attitude towards sex?

☑️     What does your sexuality give you?

☑️     Do you feel shame about your sexuality?

☑️     Are you fully expressing your sexuality with your partner(s)?

☑️     Do you love your body?

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Our relationship to sex defines us.

My relationship to sex happens every moment.

Sure, it’d be nice to have sex every day, but I don’t want average sex.

I’m not even sure I know what that is anymore.

I want mind-blowing beast sex that shocks my partner and I into an alternative reality.

I want such a degree of connection that our senses are literally blown into another dimension.

I feel fully expressed in my sexuality. I have dropped all shame and live a life of beautiful freedom. I feel blessed and lucky. I am very thankful.

What is your relationship to sex? Tell us in the comments below.

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