In this podcast we speak to best selling author, Isabel Losada, about her new book Sensation. Sensation is available on all good book stores as well as on Amazon.

We talk to Isabel about her journey in the Orgasmic Meditation community, sex & spirituality, and the importance of making sex a priority!

“Sensation is a beautifully written book and it provides bold and much needed insights into the world of love and sexuality. Isabel’s journey is one we all need to take in order to make this world a better place.

— Raw Attraction Magazine

“Sensation is one of the few non-fiction books I have ever found absolutely compulsive reading.

— Erotic Review Magazine

“The mind might boggle and the jaw might drop, but it’s all in the vital cause of challenging what we really want and need to be happy.

— Caroline Sanderson, The Bookseller

Buy the book from Amazon UK, Amazon USA, Waterstones, and all good book stores. Highly recommended by Raw Attraction.


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