A lot of men get anxiety in the bedroom. We created this video to help men who may have erection difficulties, or anxiety when it comes to having sex. Triambika is one of the world’s best experts on tantra and sexual performance for men.

This video was created especially for our online University of love and sexuality. 

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We hope this video helps you and if you have any extra questions about sexual performance please leave a comment below. 

Notes from the video:

>> An erection doesn’t mean good sex. You can still experience (giving and receiving) pleasure with no erection.

>> “I really wish my penis was working properly right now.” Is something you can say to communicate what is happening to your partner.

>> A partner can support you with compassion, “how can I support you?” or “Relax. There is nothing I need from you. What do you need right now?”

>> Prolong ejaculation by deeper, slower, longer breaths.

>> Strengthen the PC muscle each day by squeezing it as often as you can.

>> Use open ended communication during your sex if you are unsure. “Why don’t you show me…?” “How does this feel?”

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