Whilst I was in New York this month, I met a gorgeous woman and we had an exciting few days together having deeply invigorating soul sex. A few days after I left New York she sent me this (the greatest message I’ve ever received):


Honestly, this past weekend really surprised me and changed everything for me. I wasn’t expecting it. You have such a strong, sweet presence. You’re calm, intuitive, vibrant, and accepting. You very much are a man. When you said you always feel like you control a room and are the one in charge, watching things, running things, that is very true. Not many people can be that or do that, but you do. That’s why it was a different for me when you were challenging me a little cause you’re a force to be reckoned with, but I thank you for that. You helped to melt and soften me. To trust more and be more.

Fucking you felt amazing. I loved your mouth on mine.  The way your fingers touched me is something I will never forget. I have now felt real pleasure in a deep way, and I will always go after it and now know what is possible.

Everything is changed.

I know that it was truth, I know with my heart and being and body that was right, so it changed everything in my life to experience such pleasure because it points me more towards what is true and right and undeniably good in my whole life. In my heart, in my friends, in my decisions. Everything changed. So thank you for being a part of that and giving me that experience.

The whole time I was with you I just wanted your body as close to mine as possible. That kiss was so deep and good and it was like this deep pressure and passion and wanting to have absolutely no space left between us, to be completely just one. To really click in, lock in with each other. It was hot and amazing.

Yes. I could feel every stroke of you inside me, and I don’t think I’ve ever been fucked in a way that was so in the now. With every stroke, it was like it was the only one, each one free to be whatever it was. Each one savored. Just so patient and attentive and hot and free. I LOVED sitting on top of you telling you what to do to make me feel good. Thank you for that. I fucking love it.

I could go on, but that is what I will say for now. You really turned me on and filled me up and gave me a lot of life. I’m really happy you are in my life, and we had that weekend together.

I will always remember lying on your chest that night afterwards. It just felt like it was exactly what I was supposed to be doing and exactly where I was supposed to be.

I hope we fuck again and connect physically again in the future. It would be interesting (and I mean interesting) especially since I feel like I’ll be a different, more evolved version of myself next time you might see me.

Okay, that’s it for now


Thank you for reading! I had to share it with you; as it’s the most beautiful message I’ve ever been sent!

soul sex

© Jacob Lund – Adobestock

There is nothing better than giving your presence when it comes to sex. This is what creates Soul Sex.

A woman wants you to be there – she doesn’t want you to be planning your next move.

It is our presence that leaves a deeper sense of connection.

When you savor each moment, each penetrative stroke, she will too.

It means you have to be deeply connected to your heart, and deeply connected to your body.

Stare deep into each other’s eyes and connect into the moment through them, this creates the luxurious love drug in your body.

These ‘love moments’ come through softness, through slowing down, through breathing at the same time.

Stop to feel each other’s heart beat at the same time through your chests.

Kiss with vigour and also with softness.

Taste the sweetness of her lips and fall in love with every taste your sense on your taste buds.

In essence, you are sharing your freedom, your love, your body, and your spirit all in one moment. Your mind is not elsewhere thinking of your next move or some other person you want to be with. You are focused on each other – time doesn’t exist!

How To Have Soul Sex

For Men:

❤️ Slow down. Slow everything right down. Slow your mind so there is no thought and you are only focused on the sensation in your finger, your lips, your cock, or whatever point of contact you have with her.

❤️ Make no goal to get her to climax. Your ego wants to get her off a thousand times to prove you are the greatest lover in the world, right? Calm down and focus on each sensational moment.

❤️ Fuck her with the intent of showing that you love her. It may be your first night together, but you can still show that you love her – because you love her because you love and appreciate all women.

For Women:

❤️ Focus on the sensation he gives you. Get off on every touch that he gives you and ride this joy in your heart and body.

❤️ Feel no pressure to fake to get to climax. As you get off on each stroke, never feel the need to moan out to prove our worth. Go with the energy of what you feel in each moment. If you feel you want to express pleasure, express it!

have soul sex

© Jacob Lund – Adobestock

The Soul Sex Summary

It’s far from imperative that you have sex like this each time you go at it.

Sex has all kinds of flavors and experiences, sometimes it’ll be less connected than this, and there is certainly nothing wrong with quicky sex.

It’s dependent on what you want from your sex life and what you want in the moment.

Do you want deeper, more connected sex or would you rather have more fun but without the need of deep soul connection?

Though, I can say, there is something deeply nourishing about sharing this experience with another human being.

I highly recommend becoming more present in your body, heart, and soul and less in your mind during your sexual experiences.

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