Karina Velasco gives nutrition, cooking, yoga, tantra and sacred sexuality classes and intensives. She offers retreats in Mexico and the United States. She also collaborates as holistic nutritionist, natural foods chef and sacred sexuality speaker on several television shows. She has recently had her best selling book, From The Sweet Spot to the G Spot translated into English. Visit her at karinavelasco.com

We speak to Karina about her new book!

You’ve had great success with your book in Latin America. Why do you think this is?

I think in a way, we talk about sex as a subject and I talk about sex as transformation. And it was about me sharing my experience and how relationships affected me and how I shifted my beliefs around love. Also, showing recipes that supported me in my orgasmic energy and sharing with people the energetics of sex, which is not an approach we normally have. We hear about sex from doctors or sexologists but not from the holistic perspective, which is integrating mind, body, emotions and energy.

What motivated you to write this book?

My major motivation is to share something that I embody and that really created and supported a shift in my own life, and sharing what I would have liked to hear when I started my sexual life. I would have loved to read a book like this.

The point of this book is that you could be eating well, but if you are unhappy in your relationship, you don’t know how to handle a break up, you don’t know your body, you don’t explore and understand your energy, then food doesn’t have an effect on you. You have to cultivate all areas of your life to see a profound shift.

Is it just another diet book?

No, I don’t tell you what to do. I give you the options and opportunity to listen to your inner wisdom and feel what is right for your body, so it’s a book that makes you think and feel, not a book of promises and fast solutions. It’s a transformational tool, not just a diet.

There are chapters not only on nutrition, but also on:

– Love

– Basics of Sex

– Happiness and Sex

– Energetics

– Food

– Bliss

– Dating

How has nutrition affected the connection with your body and your sexual energy?

First, you must recognize and honor that your body is a temple. Food and the qualities of food and the energetics of food have a direct relationship with your sexuality. That means if you eat a healthy, nourishing diet, your senses automatically enhance and you’re able to feel more pleasure and more detail in your sexual relationships. On the contrary, you can numb your body with food such as white flour, sugar, and excess alcohol, and your sexual energy will lower. There are also foods that have the properties to nourish your sexual energy and enhance your libido. For example, aloe vera is nourishment for the yoni. It protects you from yeasts infections and is a beautifier, cacao enhances your chemistry, your serotonin, your endorphins, and it also protects your heart, since it has magnesium. Energetically, the Aztecs used cacao to open their hearts, and the more you open your heart, the more open you are to experience pleasure. I’m giving you the simple answers as I could talk about that for hours!

What are 3 quick tips that I could add to my nutrition that will make a difference?

1. Eat with moderation anti orgasmic food such as soy, sugar and refined carbohydrates.

2. Add to your diet a lot of minerals found in green vegetables.

3. Add in super foods and super herbs, such as American ginseng, maca, and cacao.

How can we eat food to make it a more sensual and sexual experience?

It’s about using all your senses and it’s about intention. For example, if you are preparing dinner, you set the intention to make it romantic or erotic. It’s also a beautiful thing to cook with your partner or lover, you can then feel the energetics and the dance starts in the kitchen. Allow yourselves to play with the food, feel the texture, juiciness, color, the form, and then feed each other. Also, take each bite with mindfulness and see how that feels in your mouth. I think we all have the opportunity to make any moment sensual just by being present in our body, in our sense of touch, in the smell, the sounds, and the flavor. That awareness itself creates the sensuality.

You have a chapter on energetics in sex, what is this about?

It’s about tuning into your life force energy, which is the energy of sex, of creativity, of “passion life”. And learning how that works in your chakras, which is your “energy body”, and then learning how to share that energy with your loved one.

For those that are not tapped into the word energy, how would you explain this?

If you have loads of energy, you feel like playing.  What I’m trying to do understand why that happens. I give you tools in order to become highly energetic regarding sexuality, and to share this level of energy that is happening in your body. I give you tools so you can support your partner to be energetic as well. For example, simultaneously breathing gets you on the same frequency. You both want to be on the same frequency (like being on the same FM radio), so you can make the perfect sound.

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