We live in a world where we are so in our heads all of the day. So many of us are working on the computer, driving to work, on our phones… our culture is not very good at being grounded in our bodies. It’s time for some top tantra tips to help us out!

We have seen a huge rise in yoga and tantra in the past decade and this is really important to get our consciousness back in our bodies.

Dance is also incredibly important to do this and we have seen a rise in more conscious dancing modalities such as 5 rhythms and also cacao infused dance ceremonies.

If we remember that we are going to have much greater sex when our conscious awareness is in our body then we can be much more present as we make love.

The sexual experience then becomes much more intense, much more pleasurable, and much more healing.

Tantra Tips From A World Class Expert!

In this video with Triambika Ma Vive (an expert tantra practitioner and international workshop facilitator), we speak about how to get more into your energetic body before you make love. Triambika is one of the world’s leading experts on tantra tips, sacred sexuality, and more.

Here are the key learnings from this video:

❤️  When you are separate from your partner for all the day and you come together remember that your energetic bodies won’t always align immediately. To do this it means you should slow down. Start breathing together. Make eye contact with your partner. Breathe in their essence. Feel the warmth of their breath on your neck. Breathing is a critically important step for a man when he learning how to stop ejaculating.

❤️  Find your hearts. Find the heart of the relationship.

❤️  Slow down. There is nowhere to be. There is nowhere to go. Be in the presence.

❤️  Try the kiss/not kiss, kiss. Tease with your kiss.

❤️  Dance with each other with complete presence. Find music you both like.

❤️ Remember this is all part of sex. It is not separate. The way you communicate with your bodies like this is just the beginning of the sexual play.

This video comes from our course at The University of Love & Sexuality. 

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