These exercises are known as the Fountain of Youth, The Five Tibetans Yoga, or The Five Rites of Rejuvenation. We recommend doing these exercises every moment, it should take you between 15 and 25 minutes. They are great for circulating the sexual energy around your body.

The Five Tibetans Yoga

It is important to add a genital/anal contraction with each exhalation. Releasing the contraction on the inhalation propels the energy in the body. Coordinate the breathing with the movement, one breath per repetition. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth to purify the body.

When you do the postures, you will feel a charge of energy. If you have a feeling of nausea it means that channels are being cleared. Pace yourself and do as much as you can without going over your limit. Perhaps begin with 3 repetitions of each exercise and add 2 more each week.

Each posture in the five tibetans yoga is eventually to be performed 21 times. If you can’t do that many, or if you can’t reach the full position, don’t worry. With practice your muscles will become stronger and more limber and your energy will increase. Each movement is a meditation. Focus your attention on the movement of the energy.

Shiva-Shakti Mudra

We begin with the physical discipline of the postures to get energy flowing. Then we distribute the energy through the body by doing 3 repetitions of the following mudra. Breathe through the nose, slowly, conscious of the energy being moved.

1) Start with feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, back straight. Inhale as you lift your hands, palms up, to the front at waist level, elbows close to the body. Feel that you are drawing energy up from the earth.
2) Exhale as you push the hands out fully to the front, at shoulder height, palms forward and vertical. You are giving the energy back to the world.
3) Straighten the wrists and inhale as you raise your arms overhead, palms open to the heavens (arms at 10:00 and 2:00).
4) Exhale as the arms come down (very slowly and consciously) in two large arcs. Palms toward the body, the hands pass each other before your face and again at the genitals. When the hands cross, don’t allow the hands to touch, since that short-circuits the energy.

Remember to add the contraction of the genital muscles with each inhalation.

Part A

The first movement is spinning, similar to the whirling dervishes of Persia. It serves to speed up the chakras, particularly those in the knees.

1) Extend the arms horizontally to the sides, with the left palm up and the right palm down. Spin at your own speed in a clockwise direction. Pick out an object in the room to focus on, and count every time the eyes return to that object. Spin until you become slightly dizzy, or 21 times.
2) To remove dizziness, bring your hands to the front of your heart in a prayer position and press the hands together.
3) Now do 3 Shiva-Shakti Mudras.

five tibetan yoga

Part B

This exercise serves to stimulate the throat and sexual centre.

1) Lie on your back, legs straight, hands under the buttocks, palms down. In one coordinated motion, as you exhale (mouth) and contract the anal sphincter/cervix, the legs and the head are raised simultaneously. The knees are kept straight, legs together, as the feet are brought over the head. The chin should be pressed to the chest. Keep the hips on the floor.
2) As you inhale (nose), slowly lower the head and legs to the floor and, for a moment, allow all the muscles to relax.
3) Repeat as desired, up to 21 times.
4) Do 3 Shiva-Shakti Mudras.

five tibetan yoga

Part C

This exercise is designed to stimulate the sexual energy center into full activity. Eventually you will perform it with the eyes closed so the mind can go within. If you get dizzy at first, keep your eyes open until you become accustomed to the energy rush.

1) Kneel on the floor, hands on the back of the thighs, with the back straight. Tuck your toes and exhale (mouth), press your chin to your chest without bending forward at the waist, and tighten the anus/cervix muscles.
2) While inhaling (nose), lean backward as far possible, dropping your head back and release the anal sphincter.
3) Return to the starting position and tighten the anus/cervix.
4) Repeat as desired, then do 3 Shiva-Shaki Mudras.

five tibetan yoga

Part D

Although this exercise appears to be difficult, it is really simple and most powerfully stimulates the throat, knees and the sex chakras.

1) Sit on the floor, with your legs stretched out in front. Place your hands on the floor beside the hips. The fingers point forward. You may be more comfortable with fingers pointing to the side. Exhale (mouth), tucking your chin onto your chest as you contract the anus/cervix muscle.
2) Inhale (nose), relax the anal/cervix contraction, and lift your hips forward and up as high as possible, so your back is horizontal, like a human table. The head drops back.
3) Repeat as desired, then do 3 mudras.

five tibetan yoga

Part E

The exercise stimulates the brain centers, throat center and sex center.

1) Lying on your stomach, place your hands under each shoulder, fingers pointing forward, and push up into the cobra position. The hips are dropped down so the back is arched. The head should be back with the eyes looking up. The weight is supported by the hands and toes. (If you don’t have the strength to do this, a modified version would be to rest the body on the floor during the cobra position, or even to work from a hands and knees position until your strength builds).
2) Exhaling (mouth), bring your hips straight up so the body forms an inverted V. The chin should press onto the chest, with the anus/cervix contracted.
3) Inhale (nose) and relax the anus/cervix, slowly return to the starting position.
4) Repeat as desired, then go directly to Part F.

five tibetan yoga

Part F

The next movement is to stretch the spine to allow energy to rise.

1) Lying on your back, inhale as you lift your arms overhead and stretch the arms overhead, and stretch to the floor behind, moving in slow motion.
2) Hold the breath and stretch the arms up. Point to your toes and stretch down.
3) Exhale as you relax your legs, and raise your arms to above your face.
4) Inhale and stretch back. Repeat 2 more times.
5) Place your palms face up to next to your body and relax for a while to integrate the exercises or proceed to the meditation…

five tibetan yoga

Om-Ah-Hum Meditation.

This is key to getting the full benefit from rejuvenation postures. After performing the postures, you will have a tremendous amount of sexual energy, much like when you are making love and are highly aroused.

1) Inhale slowly. Hold your breath.
2) Exhale while intoning the mantra Oh-Ah-Hum. Experience the “OM” in the forehead, feel the “AH” in the throat, and the “HUM” in the sex center. To drive the sound more intensely into the sex center, tense the anus/cervix muscle as you say HUM. Then relax, inhale, and the send the sex energy to the brain for transmutation into spiritual light.
3) Perform 3 times aloud, then internalize.
4) Sit in silence for 10 minutes and experience the energy expanding in your body and brain. Notice any thoughts that might drift through your mind. Just watch them come and go as a detached observer.

five tibetan yoga



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