Do you even brain orgasm, bro? I don’t ever remember being taught this kind of sex advice at school. This sex advice podcast for men is all about the infinite potential of your body to achieve orgasm, healing, and ecstasy. (Of course, women have the same amount of potential… we are not leaving you behind just yet women!).

In this podcast I speak about going on my journey of orgasmic discovery more than five years ago. I discover (through a series of events) that there was is much potential to experience more than I ever knew was possible – including the ability to brain orgasm!

There is a lot of information out there for women to have their cervical orgasms, g-spot orgasms, clitoral orgasms and that’s all great. Yet, there isn’t enough information out there telling guys that there is just as much possibility for you.

As I explain in the podcast, I have only picked up this new orgasmic state of being in the past few years and I feel that any guy can do it.

I also feel that I am only at the start of discovering what is really possible. It may not sounds like it, but a brain orgasm is just the start.

What Does A Brain Orgasm Feel Like?

When she was licking on my forehead as we were making love, I suddenly started to go into brain orgasm. I thought she was going to stop after maybe 30 seconds but she just kept going. She was holding my head up and sucking and licking at my third eye (the middle of my forehead).

I started to go deeper, deeper, it felt like every brain cell was activating.

It felt like I had just tapped into the electricity of the universe and it was taking an orgasmic route through my brain.

It felt like pure pleasure on steroids (no drugs needed for this, though).

15 minutes later her tongue gave up and I was in trance state heaven.

I had no words.

Brain orgasm bliss.

It felt like this…

brain orgasm

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Please, if you have any questions write to me on the email mentioned at the end of the podcast.

If you don’t have time to listen to the podcast, here is a summary (or read the transcript below):

✳️ Realise that it is absolute truth that you can have orgasms all over your body, any and every part of your body is orgasm.

✳️ Know that your breath is the key to this realisation. When you have time, listen to the podcast and see how I use my breath to move orgasmic energy around my body.

✳️ I didn’t mention this in the podcast but start to use your intuition more and be connected to your heart. Start to try and feel the energy of objects, plants, stones. I really can feel everything and that makes my body even more orgasmic.

✳️ Go to a breath work workshop if you can. Search them out on

✳️ Listen to the podcast for more insights about how to have a brain orgasm…

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Transcript below

The Raw Attraction Magazine podcast is all about how to be a better lover. In this podcast I will be talking about my personal journey as the founder of Raw Attraction Magazine, and where I’ve been on my journey with my sexual energy, my body, my orgasm and much more…

I started this magazine five years ago, and back then sexually, I think I was probably like the normal guy, ejaculating… I thought that the goal of sex was to ejaculate; I didn’t really know much about anything more than that. I certainly didn’t know how to have a brain orgasm.

As I started the magazine and started to essentially be an investigative journalist into what was going on, not only between men and women in relationships, but also sexually, discovering what the potential of our bodies was.

In this journey, I went to different tantric workshops, and also other types of workshop. The first one I went to was actually a breath work workshop in London.

I’ve mentioned it before in the podcast where we were breathing through our noses and out through our mouths really, really fast. It would sound like this [makes breathing sounds]. There was drumming music on. I recommend going to a workshop and trying it out, this workshop really opened my body up to this crazy kind of… All I can explain is like different energies that… it was like activation in different parts of my body.

Then two months later (in December 2013), I participated in an ISTA workshop in Guatemala where we did many different things.

On one of the days, I think it was the last day, we did sacred spot work for men which involves a massage which maybe lasts 40 minutes, (there is no genital touch in the massage), just a gentle soothing sensual massage to relax the body. And then after this there is the insertion of a finger to the prostate just inside the anus.

I think there were eight or ten couples paired up and we were in the same workshop space in quite a big yoga space doing this. I don’t really notice what’s going on around me, all I noticed is that when my prostate is touched I felt this huge surge of energy go up to my heart and open my heart up like some kind of hot baked potato. It was seriously hot, and only my heart felt this activation. And this was crazy for me, I had never experienced anything like this.

In 2014 I went to a full body orgasm workshop with Andrew Barnes, (and you might be able to find one near you), where we were learning about how to have orgasms without even touching the body. This was mind and body opening for me.

I was giving and receiving full-body orgasm without touch. And then there were other elements to it when we could use touch. So those things would include stuff like tapping on certain parts of the body or just following your intuition, one thing we tried was holding the two front teeth with the thumb or inserting a thumb inside the mouth and rubbing up and down on the ridges on the top of the mouth, this can produce orgasm.

So there were all these different things I was learning and then bringing that into my sex life with partners I had at those times has meant that now I sit here and really my whole body and energy around my body is completely orgasmic when I’m in that state.

Just last week I was having orgasms from kissing… this is normally during when we’re actually making love, although it could happen without that.

But this brain orgasm I had was during lovemaking or where my lover licked the middle of my forehead, some might say this is “third eye activation” during lovemaking and I could have an orgasm for an hour. But most lovers can’t hold that space or lick my forehead for that long because it hurts their tongue.

Also, tapping on the base of my spine during lovemaking, tapping on the front or back of my heart, licking my Adam’s Apple area, (the middle of my neck). These will all bring the vibrations of orgasm and it is exactly the same or higher of an orgasm that a man would get during, well actually it’s slightly before ejaculation.

Ejaculation we have to remember is not orgasm, it’s just a result of that area being stimulated. And yes, the ejaculation does feel good to go through the cock like that, through your penis, that release does feel good. Maybe it’s because it is warm, I don’t know, that release can feel good, but that’s not actually the orgasm.

The orgasm is this high vibration that comes before and it’s learning about spreading that energy out mainly through the breath, and also just really being very, very intuitive with your body. If your partner doesn’t perhaps… I mean I’ve been with new partners now and it doesn’t matter if they are new to energy or not, but if you know your body well enough you can just tell them what you need.

For me, tapping on my spine, (as I just mentioned), licking my neck, my forehead, my heart, and slapping my ass all send me into orgasm. When you know where you need to be touched and you need to ask for it, you don’t need a specific type of lover to be in these states, it’s really down to you as an individual to bring yourself to these orgasmic states.

It’s a step by step journey to go from the average guy who is ejaculating everywhere to being where I am (and every guy can do it)… and I don’t think I have even reached full potential yet, I am still feel really new to this journey.

I would only say I have had an activated orgasmic body like this for about three years, and I haven’t had a consistent partner all the way through those times. I’m not really settled into finding my life partner yet, I think that is coming. I don’t even know if that will be monogamous or not, I am still trying to understand if I am a monogamous or a polyamorous.

When you become fully body orgasmic and can have a  brain orgasm, every type of sex that you have will be completely different.

It can never be boring even if yo have sex with the same person over and over again.

Yes, certain partners do bring in different things which is really cool, but it is really down to you as an individual to open and awaken your own body. Certain experiences with people and advanced breath work will help that.

I think the two biggest things you have to do as a male to get there is to stop ejaculating, stop watching porn. You have to go at least go for a month or two months without ejaculating. You have to learn how to breathe around your body the sexual energy.

I could last days having sex without ejaculating, and that is all down to the breath. When a woman is in the high state of orgasm, that is when she is (unconsciously) trying to pull the ejaculation from you (to make a baby), but this is where you have to use your breath and your sound and your movement to stop yourself ejaculating.

So you have to breathe [makes breathing sounds] like this, even harder than this sometimes, and you are really, really breathing hard [makes breathing sound] like that.

Just even doing this breathing, in my body now I can feel sort of in an altered state, and you just do that for 10, 20, 30 seconds you are pulling all the sexual energy around your body so it’s not so concentrated in the tip of your penis. Things start to dramatically change in your sexual experience just with that breath.

So please try those two things, if you have any questions then email me

We are here to try and make you the best lover that you can possibly be, so if you have any questions I will be happy to even get you on the show or to just answer your questions over email or directly on the show, I would be happy to do that.

So please do get in touch, tell me where you’re at with all this, tell me even if you are having orgasms beyond what I have just explained, or you’re having the same or you would like to get to where I have just explained. And I really believe this is possible for anyone, I really want just an average Steve on the streets, so it’s really possible for you to do it.

If you are a writer as well and you want to write about these experiences (perhaps you have had a brain orgasm) I would be happy to publish your writing, I just have to make sure it hits the editorial standards, but yes I really would love to hear about your experiences with this, it can dramatically change your life; it certainly changed mine!

Thanks for listening and speak to you soon!

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