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‘The Sex Robots are Coming’ airs next week (30th November 2017) on Channel 4 in the UK.

The robots are coming and they are coming to have sex with your husband. Meet April. She’s 5 ‘ 1 tall, has blonde hair, big breasts, and is one of three sex dolls James (58), takes to bed.

James, from Atlanta, Georgia, bought his robots when his wife (36) had to care for her ill mother.

James and April now make robot/human love up to four nights a week. His wife, Tine, perhaps surprisingly, has said she’s become used to having the dolls around.

The Sex Robots are Coming – Channel 4 (UK)

“If he really wanted to he could have gone out and found someone else but he didn’t do that, he was true to me,” she said.

James explained that being with the doll is like “having sex with a real woman” and said it was “a fantasy”. We wonder how it could possibly like having sex with a real woman.

James not only likes to have sex with his robot but he likes to take her out for dates, “When I take April out it’s usually to a hamburger place where we can stop and get a bite to eat, a lot of people don’t even notice she is not a breathing person.” Is he going to restaurants with no lights on? It’s pretty easy to see she is a doll.

Having already bought three sex dolls at what works out at around $3,500 each, James is saving up to buy Harmony, a $14,000 robotic sex doll who can interact with him while they are making love. We are not sure if Harmony will be able to eat food and have conversation at the restaurant.

James and April feature in Channel 4’s new documentary ‘The Sex Robots are Coming’, which follows a manufacturer’s attempt at creating a fully functional, artificially intelligent sex robot.

Matt McMullen, CEO and Creative Director of Realbotix, also features in the documentary, and told Channel 4 Harmony is not just about the sex. “She is equipped with varying levels of Artificial Intelligence and she is capable of sex, but it’s a robot that’s designed to have that as one of its functions.”

Matt also explained customers buying Harmony can choose favourable personality traits and are able to customise her voice. “Its main function is companionship and conversational context – being able to have a conversation with an AI or a robot is rally the primary function – but insofar as human relationships go, it’s kind of designed to be an alternative to that – it’s a new form of interaction that didn’t exist before.” He explains his company has also begun manufacturing male robots, who will have gender-specific traits.

From our point of view, we can only really see this as a type of fetish at the moment. These robots can’t take the place of a partner in terms of the real human interaction that we get with another human.

Though, we say, “at the moment” because AI (Artificial Intelligence) will soon be so good that it may be better than interacting with a human in terms of brain stimulation, laughter, and learning. Humans are going to evolve the way we interact with each other in order to get the attention of another human for an intimate relationship.

It’s early days but we will be keeping an eye on this as AI and robots progress.

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