It is one of the most difficult questions for mankind. Centuries have passed by, relationships have bloomed and so has love. But no one can give the exact definition of love. Perhaps it is because love is so many things to so many different people. So, this month we have brought together the thoughts of our readers. We simply asked, ‘What is love, to you?’

“We are seeking love, light and unity all the time, this is very spiritual, and is a part of our core essence, part of where we came from and where we will end up. All humans want love in their lives, but many misperceive it, people don’t surrender to love, so they fill the void with sex, alcohol, drugs, and the quest for fortune, all in an attempt to bridge the illusory gap of separation. Freedom is to love without asking for anything in return.”

– Mark Knight, 41. USA.

“The truest power of love will destroy its owner and everyone it touches. It burns you up in its bliss. The all-consuming fire of selfless love burns up its owner so completely that they are gone. Dead, but electrified conscious all-for-you-there-is-no-me that matters beyond this power. Half love is nothing but a glimmer of a distant torch. A fearful step towards a great conflagration. Half love is all any sane person can do. So gluttonous for our dreams. So afraid to die.”

– Jesse Britten, 39. Florida. USA.

“When The Beatles said, “all you need is love” they were contemplating one of the most profound things in life. Love is many things to many people. Love is your mother waking up one hour earlier to make you breakfast. It’s coming home and see your dogs wagging their tails, it’s seeing your favorite piece of art and crying, it’s a kid laughing or one of your friends giving you some incredible advice. Dark is the absence of light; hate and apathy are the absence of love. We can give love until we die because it’s infinite. It’s all we need!”

– Daniela, 21. Colombia.

“Love is wanting my partner to be their most powerful self regardless of what’s in it for me, living that. Them living that for me.”

– Mateo, 40. Austin, Texas. USA.

“Love is confidence. Love is when you are able to show yourself just the way you are, without fearing the other person will dislike you or love you less. Love is when you can share with your partner your inner thoughts, your darkest side (and vice versa). Love, in other words, is when you are free to be true in front of somebody else, who will stay with you and support you no matter what, while they make you feel they enjoy you being that way. Being loved is being accepted the way you are, with no ‘buts’ and no speculation.”

– Fernando V, 28. Argentina.

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