Your perception of me is a reflection of you; my reaction to you is an awareness of me. This is one of the most profound truths you will find in human connection and it comes up in the mirror of your most intimate relationships.

Let’s break it down even further and we’ll focus it in on our most intimate relationships.

If you feel great about you partner then this is a reflection of your inner world – your inner world is in harmony.

If you feel your partner is an childlike idiot and you have feelings of dislike towards them then there is something that needs to be healed inside of yourself.

The feelings are showing you what needs to be healed.

This is why we have feelings!

But, in modern society we are FAR TOO EAGER to dismiss our feelings but your feelings are screaming at you.

Usually your feelings are trying to tell you about one of three things:

  1. Your wounded masculine
  2. Your wounded feminine
  3. Or the wounded inner child.

For example, if you start to shout at your partner because they can’t fix something in the house, or they didn’t clean the dishes it is probably because your inner child needs a father. So, she is screaming for her father to show up in her partner but he won’t show up until you have healed that part of you that needs him to show up.

Find the love you need to give to yourself!

Or perhaps you start to really dislike your partner because they are manipulating you with power games. This is a time to find out if there is a part of your feminine that needs love, care, and attention.

Is your feminine looking outside her self to get love because she feels unworthy?

The wounded masculine in us attacks, belittles, insults, and takes the feminine for granted.

The remedy to this is to embrace that part of self and grow up the “scared little boy” in there. There are many different dynamics between the masculine and feminine inside your own being and this is the greatest place for healing. Your partner will reflect your masculine or your feminine; they can’t do anything else. This is why the quote…

Your perception of me is a reflection of you; my reaction to you is an awareness of me 

… is so potent. This is the path of healing as we look into on our University of Love & Sexuality. We assist you to bring back to you those parts of yourself that have been lost outside the sacred union within.

If you want to make this journey incredibly hard for yourself you will judge yourself further and judge your partner for being in their wounded parts.

If you want this journey to be easy, graceful, and with harmony then your focus will be on heart to heart communication at all times.

There will be no judgment on anything that isn’t love that comes up because you are so committed to transforming everything back to love.

By doing that… you not only transform yourself, your relationship, but you also transform the world.

Blessings on your journey, dear one!

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